Uber India- A Promising Concept

Uber India- A Promising Concept

So Today I tried a new thing. The Uber App , It was launched a couple of months back and It was about time I try it for my Morning Trip to Airport.

So I registered with the App, It only works with Digital Payment Method, PayTM. So its completely Cashless. I was able to link it with PayTM with no issues.

Interface was pretty simple. You have to select a destination and It will show you an Estimate fare.

Its much cheaper than what Autos Charge . Once I finalist everything and hit Book, It searches for the area and assigns a Cab nearest to me to pick up.

Impressive !!

The Cab was at my Pickup Point in no time and as I boarded it, I was greeted by the Driver and he put away my bags in the back.

As we started on our way to the Airport, I noticed that The Driver had an iPhone which he was using to traverse the map.

I asked him, if he bought it , to which he replied that Uber gives it out to all Drivers who sign up with them

Uber does spend a lot on its Onboarding it seems.

It was early morning and we reached Airport in around 15-20 minutes. Not bad given that Its around 15 KMs from where I live.

As he ended his Trip , I got my money deducted and got an E-Mail with below information

While I look back at how I used to travel earlier. Stand on the Road and wait /hope for an Auto to arrive and then negotiate with them , Uber is going to change this Landscape around in India. I am pretty sure its going to be very popular and an eye opener for the current transport system who charges exorbitantly from their users. It poses a great threat to Autos and current Taxi Services like Meru Cabs. The best thing I liked was PayTM only integration so you don’t have to worry about change

Exciting times ahead.

I think whomsoever has not tried Uber before must give it a try. Its worth it.




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