Month: March 2020

Road to Success is Lonely

Road to Success is Lonely

The Journey to success can be a tiring and a Lonely road

Its hard for some people to understand the journey it takes to reach your goals.

They will Doubt you .

They will Criticize you at every step and for your choices.

All these factors makes your journey very tedious

The more you strive towards your goals, the lesser people will be with you The reality is that the more you pursue your goals, the tighter your social circles will become. Often people closest will stand against you

Embedding this fact deep inside your mind is important which will lead to success.

It often happens when you make a choice people font understand . We are grown up and conditioned in such a way that taking risks and making choices that they have not made in their life or which others have not followed or failed with create a conflict from others

You will feel alone, misunderstood and criticized

What you need to do is find correct support system which have tried or have been successfully traversed your path. They might not be your existing friends or family members

Also, it Depends on nature of Challenge you have taken up, the harder it is , the more time it takes from you. This will have to be sacrificed from other areas you would have spend, like Family and health. Success needs sacrifice.

People who avoid making sacrificing are the ones who are not able to reach their goals and perhaps the resistance from family and loved ones is so much that it stops them midway

Ideally everyone says that we should have proper Work Life Balance for true happiness . The reality , however, is that in order to reach your goals, time normally spent with friends, family, working, and even leisure time will be traded for the pursuit of something great. That’s just the way goals are. The greater the goal, the higher it demands from us and more needs to be sacrificed.

Always keep in mind below key points to reach your goals

  1. Embrace Change
  2. People will criticize you leave you or give you hard time. Dont Expect them to understand you.
  3. Devote yourself entirely. Doubts often keep you at bay.
  4. You will reach there. and once you do, The View will be awesome and those who doubted you will be the same one praising you and talking about you .



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