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Reusable Rockets – SpaceX Milestone

Reusable Rockets – SpaceX Milestone

SpaceX was not much of a known company to me . I did hear about what its trying to do , but until today it was just another company foraying into Space competing with NASA.

Until Today..

The Video of what SpaceX accomplished today is not a simple feat.

Its evident from the cheers and lauds from the Team that how much time and dedication it has taken to reach here.

Reusable Rockets !!!

The Launch Cost of the Satellites and Astronauts are the major costs in Space Transport and that is going to change after this. The Rockets fell in Ocean and new ones were used for every trip.

I can see how SpaceX is going to do it at a fraction of cost other countries and NASA are doing.

This can become next method of how stuff is transported to Space Station and can also carry humans in Future.

Its unclear as to how frequent they can be used and what will be the shelf life , but its a new milestone and its one step closer to Advanced Space Travel to Places no one has gone before. Thanks SpaceX

Exciting time are to come !!!

Cheers !!!