My First Guitar Track

My First Guitar Track

Among all Musical Instruments ,I have been a fond of Guitar for quite long. I finally did buy it a couple of Years back but other than hanging on the wall ,it did not find much of a purpose. I simply could not learn it from Youtube Videos and Articles.

Until recently, I came across an app called Youscian, I decided to give my Guitar Learning Journey a retry. The Lessons was simple and with audio Feedback , it could tell me if I was playing wrong. It was exciting and I gave it as much time I could . As I already knew , it will cause my finger tips to go sore and it did and so much that I had to take a break for 3-4 days. But , I was not going to give up this time and I resumed when I felt my finger tips have developed callouses which helped me presses those strings normally.

Now my journey properly began, Every night after office , i gave it 1-2 hours and after a month, I had crossed many levels of the app improving my skill . I finally decided to give it a try with an Indian song which I liked a lot and here it is, Finally a song on Youtube. While this does not take me to a path of being a Youtube Sensation . I hope I will stay it touch with my Guitar and learn more.

Those of you who wish to learn my way, must check out the app Yousician

Enjoy the song and do give your Feedback !! And as Youtubers say, Like Share and Subscriiiibe !!!!


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