Vaibhav Mishra

Vaibhav Mishra

Vaibhav Mishra is an IT Professional and a Tech Enthusiast who specializes in End to End Implementation of IT Infrastructure Services. 

Vaibhav Mishra also works closely with his clients to improve Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Procedures and advises on Implementation of  Datacenter Environment including Virtualization using VMWare .

He is well versed with SAN /NAS Setup and Administration of Storage and Backup Infrastructure including  automating repetitive procedures using RPA Tools

He loves working on Cloud Technologies like OpenStack, AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure and more recently, Alibaba Cloud and also Orchestration Technologies like Kubernetes !!

Also, he is a keen observer of how CyberSecurity is Evolving and Cyber Threat to Digital Technologies and Enterprises .

Vaibhav Mishra is an Engineering Graduate based out of Jaipur.

He got an Early Introduction to Embedded Systems and Robotics which he still pursues as his hobby by playing around with RaspBerry Pi and programming little controller chips. 

He has trained a lot of Students in Embedded Systems and Robotics and also in Windows and Linux System Administration before he moved into IT Industry.

Vaibhav is also a Hobbyist Software Developer and keeps Trying New Web Frameworks and Mobile Frameworks like Dart/Flutter.

Digital Marketing, SEO and Online Advertising  also interests him to make a presence online is why he started this Website 12 Years ago. He always stays up to speed with Latest Marketing Techniques using Google and Facebook Marketing

Vaibhav  closely follows development in IOT , Artificial Intelligence  and Machine Learning as its going to be the trendsetter in near Future.

When not doing any of this, he prefers spending time with his Guitar or watching any latest running Sci-fi series. He is a StarTrek Fan.

He writes about his views on Latest Tech or anything which he feels should be out there for others to read. 

You can follow him on Social Media using the links below and also you can subscribe to his Website to get updates.

You can read the Hindi Version about me here

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Was it Difficult to find me ? Here’s why

My Name is fairly Common in India and I noticed is very difficult to search me using Google.

If you only searched by my First Name, Its highly likely you might have seen Vaibhav Reddy ,A popular South Indian Star. Lets see if I grow up big enough to outrank him.

If you scroll further, You will also see that I own a lot of Hotels 🙂

Most Prominently you will see OYO Vaibhav Laxmi Paradise and Vaibhav Inn. ( I dont own them , yet !! 🙂 ) You may see Vaibhav Sweets, Vaibhav Gems and many such ventures depending on you running search from which location.

None of them are Mine !!!

Once you go to lower results , You might encounter a lot of similar persons the top links being from News Sites citing IAS and IPS Officers and doctors mainly from UP This is what I usually find every time once I add my surname

You will find few Dr Vaibhav Mishra who are dentists from Kanpur and Meerut and there is also one from Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Once we move over Doctors, the google search is mostly flooded with IAS and IPS, you will see a Vaibhav Mishra adm from Lucknow , one being a PCS and one may be a Trainer named Vaibhav Mishra RAU IAS . Also , There is a Vaibhav Mishra Nodal Officer

And then My Name is also shadowed by a Vaibhav Reddy in Celebrity Hub

I keep monitoring my Name on Google and Interesting people keep coming and dropping off. Two rising ones I see are Vasuki Vaibhav getting famous from Big Boss Kannada with people wanting to look for Vasuki Vaibhav Instagram, fathers name , age and photos etc and another rising start is Vaibhav Sisinty for his Linkedin Program and his 150k Followers . SSP Vaibhav Krishna and Vaibhav Vikas are popular too

This will eventually change and you will be able to find me quickly (thats the goal) .

Unless that happens, This Explanation stays in the bottom updated regularly

Although I already gave my Linkedin Profile, Here is it again

Vaibhav Mishra Linkedin

Here is the link to a detailed page of what People Search by my name